Beamer Dreamer


Sporty and practical. Best of both worlds….Also, on a side note, I ran an official study to test the theory of “every person that drives a BMW is a d-bag” and it turns out that is true 100% of the time. So little fun fact for you there.


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Taste The Romeo


These taste a lot like bitches, money, cars and the f-word for some reason.


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What Happens In The Walmart Restroom…


Working – twerkin’. Gettin’ paid – Gettin’ laid. Lunch break – sex date. I’m running out of cool saying for you being a ho fo’ sho.


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CMT Fame


Gotta love how these girls already know why this picture is being taken. Well, at leas the one in the back does, the one upfront seems like she is trying to audition for something. Like Mullet-Bachelor on CMT.


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