WWIB: Where’s Tommy?

I think it’s time we play Who Wears It Better: Packed Cart Edition. So are you a sucker for a cute kid (he is in there if you look hard enough) or do you prefer the legs up La-Z-Boy method?

Colorado & Florida

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One Time At Band Camp

You laugh, but that’s exactly how Louis Armstrong got his start….what’s that? Oh that’s completely wrong? Yeah, it didn’t sound right as soon as I said it. Oh well, then I guess she is just some weird band chick.


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Let’s Play A Game

And it’s time for one of my favorite (and quite possibly the grossest) game, “How much money would it take to get you to lift and sniff?


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Precious Cargo

Okay, rappers are taking this whole “what you got in your trunk” thing a little too far. I can put up with packing your car with 157 big ass speakers, but using live people is just ridiculous. We get it, you have money, stop showing off!


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