Kist By The Sun


Not sure if your new hairstyle is working? Well here is another bad sign for your hair: It blends in with Sunkist packages…


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Indiana Jones Loves Frosted Flakes


Dammit Tony, can’t you let Indian Jones shop in peace without bothering him for a picture? It’s obvious he has fallen on hard times lately! Not grrrreat Tony, not great.


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It’s Not A Purse, It’s A Satchel


For some reason I have this feeling deep down in my heart that is just yearning to dance with you some place tropical. I feel like you would win my heart and soul in a matter of seconds mid-Ramba….that both scares and excites me tremendously.


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Wilted & Withered


Excuse me miss, can you pick up the pace and move along? The flowers are all starting to wilt.


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