Kennywood’s Open


Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you just ate an entire Thanksgiving dinner in aisle 5. I apologize, and by all means please loosen up those pants. Hell, why don’t you just head back to electronic, grab a seat, take your pants off and enjoy the football game and I’ll bring you some pumpkin pie in a bit.


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Medusa Oblongata


Very smart taking the pic from the back…if you look her in the eyes you turn to stone.


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Game Plan


You look like a 4 year old playing dress up. Piece of advice: Say what you are wearing out loud before you wear it, because I doubt that you said “striped shirt, vest, jean skirt, leg tights, and a pair of red boots that a hooker would throw away”. I doubt you would think that sounds right.


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I’m In Love With Mary Jane


What do you think he/she is renting; “Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke” or “Half Baked”?


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