Notorious G.R.A.M.


I’m hardcore ’til the end, you can’t pretend, granny’s rap scares you so bad you fill up your Depends.


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Flashing The Goods


Listen up people, if you’re gonna be a flasher then do it the right way like this pro. Notice the flannel robe which adds more of a dramatic flare to the event than your typical trench coat; Check out the spray bottle filled with baby oil to give everything a nice gleam; And of course only a true expert flashers hires a personal fluffer to follow him around handle the goods. So do it right or don’t do it at all.


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Stay Focused


Although not our intention, many of you will automatically look at the fact that there are people in the scooters. For that reason we normally do not post these types of pictures. However, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I didn’t share with everyone a mullet fit only for the Gods!


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The Cat’s Ass

The prancing leopard

That is absolutely ridiculous! Everyone knows cats don’t wear jackets. Do some research before you go out.


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