WWIB: Pose For The Frame


There is nothing better than a great shot of a Walcreature acting in their natural habitat, but every now and then we get some that stop and pose for the camera. So who ya got in this battle of “I’m creepy and I know it”?

Kansas & Ohio

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Cheetah Rita


Ohh, well that is just disturbing. All that brightness draws you in and then BLAM cheetah tail. I don’t like it. It’s like opening up an Easter egg and getting a cough drop. Bullshit is what it is.


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WWIB: Eating Good In The Neighborhood


I think this might be a first here at PoWM: A “Who Eats It Better?” Edition! In one corner you have the sugar rush all hopped up ready to come at you like a spider monkey and in the other corner a cart that I almost can’t believe. I mean, it literally looks like something someone had to make up right? Jug of mayo, ranch, Crisco, mega Pop-Tarts and TP?!?!?! For realsies?

Kansas & Kentucky

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Ima Stay Home & Play With My Monkey


You haven’t lived until you have walked around Walmart with a monkey’s vagina touching you neck. Yeah, it’s gross, but you people need to think about that so people stop doing this crap. They aren’t birds, you’ve got monkey genitals all up on your face!


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