The Middle Stripe


Listen, I don’t want to tell you what to wear, but horizontal stripes highlight your belly and make you look fat…..Oops, I’m sorry, it seems that stripe is in fact your fat belly, so it seems that it’s your belly that makes you look fat. No worries, easier solution than new clothes: COVER IT UP!


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Follow Us On Facebook!


While we do NOT advise you to do anything this stupid to your car, we DO advise you to click here or the photo above to follow us on Facebook!


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You Eat Pieces Of Shit For Breakfast?


Maybe if she was the one teaching me her example of the transitive property I would have passed math.


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Little Peeping Tom


Hey little buddy, I’m gonna let you in on a few things; first, while we applaud up-skirt peeping ingenuity, you are being too obvious. Second, and most importantly, Walmart is NOT the place you wanna sneak a peak…unless you enjoy size 4X camo panties.


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