The Three Stooges


Moe, Larry, and Curly out for an afternoon stroll to Walmart…nothing to see here.


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Color Me Bad


I would like to officially nominate those pants for worst color option EVER! Are you serious with that? “Hey let’s get skin tight pants, make them in sizes where the words ‘skin tight’ should be off limits, and then produce them in a flesh color.” You should be fired for that idea.


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Hands Behind Your Back


If you act naughty around this guy he will arrest you. You may not go to prison, but I have a feeling that what happens to you will be eerily similar to things that go down in prison.


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Who Dat?


No matter who wins the Super Bowl today, I would love to see this guy AFTER the game if this is what he is rocking beforehand. Enjoy the game (and commercials) everyone!


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