North Dakota


Toweling Off


Good thinking there lady, those fruit and vegetable sprayers can get you really wet if you’re not careful. Remember kids, don’t forget to bring a towel.

North Dakota

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I Work Out

Mmmmm, don’t you just love the smell of beer gunt in the morning?!?!?

North Dakota

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Hitting Bikini Bottom

Looks like we got us a pair of biscuit bottoms to choose from! Although these biscuit bottoms look more like biscuits covered in some thick chunky sausage gravy so I guess I can’t really blame any of you for not being able to choose one over the other.

North Dakota & South Carolina

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WWIB: Hip To Be A Hipster

Oh it’s time for another fantastic game of “Who Wears It Better?”! So my fine friends, which person deserves all the attention they are seeking the most? Nightgown clown or the girl that lost her belt?

North Dakota

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