New Mexico


Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!


Now, if I thought you were actually doing yoga I might give you a pass on the see through pants, but the socks with slippers is a dead giveaway that you’re not even thinking about getting down on a mat anytime soon.

New Mexico

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Out With A Bang


Not very appropriate, but I can definitely think of like a million worse ways to go out.

New Mexico

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Out In The Open


If she bent down in front of you to pick something up on the floor, what would you do? Aaaaaand go!

New Mexico

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Funk Face


Thank you young man in the background for giving this man and his monkey the face they deserve. The face of when you suddenly smell a fart, but nobody is around face. Because this dude clearly thinks he is the coolest and you properly showcased to him that he is not.

New Mexico

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