WWIB: Let Me See That Thong

Wow, classy. I shall now dub this Who Wears It Better: Thongspotting edition, in honor of the movie Trainspotting, because I think I’d rather OD than keep staring at these whale tales. Thoughts?

Nevada & Ohio

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The Flying V

Honestly dude, what the shit are you doing? Why do I feel like this pic was snapped just seconds before you hopped up on the counter and just sat there perched like a bird looking for evil villains to do battle with? Your life isn’t that interesting, nobody’s is. Now get out of your fantasy land and go back to work, I’m sure someone’s computer at the company needs some I.T. work done to it.


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WWIB: Pick An Outfit

This might be a first for Who Wears It Better: The Same Guy Edition. Although I suppose this just makes it a ‘Which Outfit Is Better’. I know this is difficult, like choosing which of your kids you like best, but nobody is going to judge you for being honest this time so sound off people.


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Now I’ve never been into S&M and bondage or anything like that, hell my nipples are too sensitive for that shit. However, if that’s you thing, to each their own. BUT, and it’s a big but, I don’t want to see that shit in public. I really don’t need to see you walking someone on a damn leash telling them what to do. I feel bad putting my dogs on a leash, I’d lose it seeing your punk bitch on one.


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