Mrs. Grinch


What, did you think the Grinch just appeared out of nowhere? Someone had to give birth to him folks, that’s just science.


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Let Down Your Hair


I think I shall dub thee….Rapunzett.


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Sh*t Happens


Ohhh okay, because it looks like you’re shitting in the trash can! Okay. Well you’re useless. Nice barbed wire tattoo, real original. You look like B.J. Novak’s less talented, goober brother.


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No Escape


Haven’t we previously outlawed skin colored tights here on PoWM? I’m not gonna lie, it hurts me to think that nobody is listening to our rules. We take our job seriously folks! Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go giggle at the thought of her pooping cause it looks like she doesn’t have a butt-crack.


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