Time For A Caption Contest


Silly redneck, sisters aren’t for f***ing….I don’t know, that’s the best I could right now. I’d like to hear what you guys can come up with so we will do a CAPTION CONTEST! Let’s hear your best Trix ripoff line for this guy. Winner will receive a copy of our book People of Walmart Shop & Awe out Sept. 7!


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Amateur Hour


Really dude? I mean really? You go out in public like that? I wouldn’t be caught dead holding that big of a purse with that outfit. Ever hear of a pocket book? Pffffttt, amateurs.


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Phish On A Dish


No I don’t want to go back to your apartment and sit in a beanbag chair and listen to your Phish records….just pay for your frozen fish tacos and leave.


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Ripped To Shreds


Aside from pointing out the obvious (that this looks incredibly stupid), how does one go about doing this? Do you put the fishnet on then purposefully rip holes? Because that seems like you are trying too hard not to fit in. Or did they rip in some sort of scenario where you are running through thorny bushes? Or were they ripped prior to you putting them on? Because that seems like it would be difficult to do with your feet and toes catching on all the holes…..may I suggest a sweatsuit?


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