How Do You Fit All Of That In Dem Jeans?


Excuse me ma’am, if you want to head back to automotive we can have that spare tire fixed up in a jiffy.


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Part of me wants to try to untie it, but the other part of me thinks George Clinton would funk me up for touching his woman.


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Viva La Mullet


This could be one of the top 3 mullets of all time! Are you kidding me? It’s so short and businesslike in the front, and when you get around back there is a party that Hugh Hefner would be jealous of. Fantastic.


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Head Case


“Hey PoWM, how do you know if someone has too much time on their hands?” Great question. Well, a terrific start would be to spot the person who created their own moronic shirt to distract people from the absolutely awful mess they created on their head.


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