Who’s The Dummy?


Ohhh this is creepy level > 1,000! Go away and never come back please.


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People Of Black Friday: Part 3


Ohhhhh snap, Black Friday is getting closer and closer! Like literally, it’s getting so close that Black Friday has now moved into Thursday night. Getting ridiculous for workers, staying ridiculously late for the people caught shopping in some awful outfits.

Louisiana & Wyoming

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Dressing The Part




Here are a few of our favorite costume submissions. Which one stands apart to you guys? Personally I’m udderly impressed with one….

Virginia & Wyoming

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That B-Double O-T-Y


As we’ve learned from our buddies at GirlsInYogaPants.com sometimes yoga pants are used for our viewing pleasure, sometimes for comfort, sometimes for actual yoga but here I think the purpose is ventilation. I just don’t see it falling into any other of the above categories.


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