In The News: Flicking The Bean

Oh, so now it’s illegal to feverishly flick your bean in a Walmart parking lot? Ughhh, PC society is getting out of hand.

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In The News: Why So Serious?

I guess the Joker & Harley Quinn have exactly the type of relationship we assumed they did.

Joker jokes aside, abuse is a serious issue and any man doing this should get a healthy dose of his own medicine.

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Man In Walmart Sets Underwear On Fire


Liar, liar, pants on fire….Seriously though, rock bottom has a new poster child.

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In The News: The Squirter


Yaaaa so (1) super creepy & (2) I don’t think this guy really understands how sex or babies, or for that matter women, work. (3) I am surprised however that he was married. That part shocks me.

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