Zombie Pimps


Either pimps are the only ones to survive the apocalypse or they are just strolling about Walmart looking for a fresh crops of hoes. Come to think of it, the dude on the left kinda looks like a zombie, so that makes me a pimp?

Florida & Virginia

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Viking Quest


Is everyone in a pimptastic mood today? ‘Cause you know Willy be pimpin’!


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Southeast: #1 Willy The Pimp Vs. #9 Keepin’ The Hands Warm


That’s the thanks Willy gets for being the #1 seed? That’s a hell of test in round two for this year’s favorite to win it all. Will Willy pimp smack his way to the sweet 16?

Please cast your vote in the comments!

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Southeast: #1 Willy The Pimp Vs. #16 Willy The Pimp


A shoe-in for a #1 seed, Willy the Pimp has such legendary status that there is literally no possible way we could let him get upset in round 1…that’s the beauty of being the top dog in the tourney!

No need to cast your vote since Willy is movin’ on!

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