Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear


Tough Love


You kind of got this hybrid of Daisy Duke and wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts down huh? It says “I can work it on the dance floor but also beat that ass if you get touchy.”


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Lemme Holla At Ya


If I’m not mistaken, I’d say this gentleman is brokering the sale of sexual favors by that woman for profit, or as the kids call it, he’s ‘pimping that b*tch’.


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One Dollar To Look At It, Two Dollars To Touch It


You get the first peek for free, just to get you hooked and coming back for more. That’s how crack dealers operate.


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Hook, Hook, Where’s The Hook?


Captain Hook looks like he went on a bender.


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7 Comments Featured Creature  //  Georgia  //  Short Shorts/No Shorts/Underwear  //  Walmart Fashion

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