Smearing Poop

I used to work at Walmart as a cart pusher and I have seen plenty of dumb and crazy things but this by far was the best of the worst. One summer day a family with a young child came into the store. Upon going in the store to go to break I saw the child begging, and I should really say screaming for a toy. Well his parents weren’t having any of this and apparently said no. Because of the noise created by the screaming everyone on the front end was looking and got to see the child pull down his pants, and proceed to poop on the floor. On top of this the child then rubbed it; doggy dragging its butt style, about 10 feet across the floor. The parents took the child and left without a word. Management called for maintance who must have known, sure as hell they weren’t going to clean up poop. In the end they made some poor cashier clean up the poo, immediately afterword then girl quit.

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On Some Real Sh*t

I went to Walmart late Sunday evening. Two women entered the restroom and one of them said, “I want to apologize to whoever is in here, ’cause shits about to get real.” She then let loose and I decided to get out of there, because it did get real. I would like to say thank you to this person not only for a big laugh, but also for the courteous flush.

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Walmart Creeper Of The Week

For more than six months, police have been searching for one man who was allegedly putting hidden cameras in bathroom stalls.

Middlesboro Police say they arrested an East Tennessee man on several charges of promoting a minor in sexual performance.

Folks say they were shocked that their privacy was allegedly invaded on such a serious scale.

Middlesboro police tell us they worked for more than six months to catch 49-year-old Randal Rogers.

Officers say Rogers allegedly placed hidden cameras in several different men’s restrooms, including the one in the Middlesboro Walmart.

Police say they recovered hours of footage from the cameras but it’s impossible to tell who any of the victims are.

Rogers is charged with several counts of promoting a minor under the age of 16 in a sexual performance.

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In Response To

This is in response to the terribly rude and ignorant woman I encountered while at Walmart today (Wednesday). My husband and I had just gotten into our car (legally parked in a handicap space) after picking up a few things when this woman with crutches and one leg started yelling out things like taking up a handicap spot! or something to that extent. She was very rude and had not even taken the time to check my windshield for a permit. The permit is on the passenger side because it belongs to my husband who is a passenger. At first glance we might look like a healthy couple who don’t have a handicap. But as you should’ve learned in grade school you can’t judge a book by its cover. My husband does indeed have a medical issue and has a perfectly legal permit just like yours. I’m not even going to discuss the medical issues because it is none of your business but I can almost bet he takes more medications than you could count. Just because he’s not missing a leg doesn’t make him any less handicapped than you but that’s the problem with you. You are one of those who have a sense of entitlement like we should all cater to you. After all you were only 2 cars down from mine!! Yes this may seem harsh on my part, but aren’t we all supposed to be treated equally? You didn’t treat us with any decency, and you’re no better than us. Next time you see someone parked in a handicapped spot, don’t be so frivolous and jump to conclusions. You need a lesson in manners, as well as how to mind your own business!

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