Left In The Car

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – A Little River woman out on bond for criminal domestic violence was arrested over the weekend after police said she left her baby locked inside a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

According to a North Myrtle Beach police report, Carolyn Tess Little, 18, left her 6-month-old girl locked inside her car at the Wal-Mart parking lot around 10 p.m. Saturday night in North Myrtle Beach.

A witness told police the baby was left strapped in the car seat for 45 minutes. Police said Little returned to the car after being paged inside the store.

Little told police she thought the windows were down and was going to take the child in the store, but decided not to, the report said.

Temperature outside at the time of the incident was 81 degrees, the report indicated.

Little was charged with child endangerment and released on a $5,000 bond.

According to the J Reuben Long Detention Center website, Little was also arrested for criminal domestic violence on June 29.

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From The Mouth Of A PoWM

As I was walking out of Wal-Mart with my family, we noticed a very large lady (had to be 6’3) limping over to an electric scooter. She was wearing pink leggings and a unbelievably short tank top. Her breasts were not supported by any type of bra and her butt crack hanging in the wind showed her lack of panties. Her stomach rolls were piling up as she sat onto the scooter and could not reach the handle bars because of her size. She heard a loud creak and screamed at whom seemed to be her daughter “GOD DAMN IT! WHY DIDN’T I GET THAT DAMN BREAST REDUCTION!?!?!?”, my sons…being high schoolers then said to her “Lady you need way more then a breast reduction!”. She, obviously madden by this looks over to my boys and throws her purse at them. Her large sack of a purse spills onto the floor and the usual money, coupons, check book and pack of gum falls out of her wallet…along with the mound of pads, tampons, condoms, lube and lady toy. Stunned, my son Noah says “Thanks for the¬†show lady! Though I dont think you will need the condoms…have fun with the rest! AND, since it was NOT a very good show ill be taking your pay back!”, he runs to go pick up the three crushed up singles she has and we were on our way!

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Car Ram-Rod

A Shaftsbury man is facing charges after he allegedly rammed his van into a car because the other vehicle was interfering with this sleep.

Grasshopper Allen pleaded not guilty Monday to several charges including simple assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the Bennington Banner, The 57-year-old told police the car kept waking him up while he was trying to sleep in the Walmart parking lot.

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So this new Walmart was opening just down the road from my high school. It received a lot of news coverage because it took up a whole bunch of land and people were worried about the social status of having a Walmart in a mainly conservative town; what they didn’t realize is how many jobs it created… anyways, I guess my principal decided that for the grand opening the band, color guard, and choir should all go down the street and perform for all the costumers. So the store opened at like 9:00 am on a tuesday so the band, color guard and choir got in the school busses and headed to Walmart. I was part of the choir so, yes I had to go to this opening. We got there and unloaded off the busses and walked in. Near the produce section next to a stand full of ripe strawberries was a small stage. We soon realized there were no costumers the whole audience was Walmart employees or like people who worked for the walmart corporation higher up. We also found out we weren’t the only people to put on a show. There was also the city’s baseball team mascot and a local university’s cheer team. so after some old guy spoke about the new Walmart he introduced us and we sang the national anthem and then the band played followed by the cheer team. All of the students got really excited because now that we were finished we could go shop, but our choir director said we must go back to school and that we couldn’t shop so there was only one good thing about singing at the opening of a walmart… skipping school!

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