From The Mouth Of A Walcreature

Well lets just say me and a few friends and our dates decided to ditch prom and come to none other Walmart! we were in our dresses and all. Being in Eastern Kentucky this is a normal occurrance since we have no malls…. Walmart is our mall! Some little girl even called us Princesses. That night will be a prom night I will never forget. I’m glad to have made Walmart a part of my prom. Thanks for staying open 24/7.

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So, anyways it was at the beginning of October and Walmart already had out costumes and stuff. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and so I begged my dad’s girlfriend to come with me to look at costumes. We were on our way back from the costumes when we saw it. The Walcreature. She was wearing a black and purple mini-skirt, a black t-shirt, a small top hat with a black veil on it, fishnet stockings, and white go-go boots. She had bright scarlet hair and was wearing purple eyeliner and pale foundation. The Walcreature, deeply absorbed by the task of walking to her next destination, didn’t notice my dad’s girlfriend and I snicker as she walked past.

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From The Mouth Of A Walcreature

I was once admitted to a mental hospital for Bipolar disorder. There was a male nurse who worked there, named Ken who I fawking hated! One time I told him to fuck off and he had me locked up in a solitary cell for 2 weeks, with hardly any food or water or toilet. He jammed a needle in my ass so hard I had a bruise on it. He was a total prick..

I was released from the nut house eventually, and one day I was walking around Walmart, I saw that fucktard standing in line up at the checkout, with a long line of people behind him.

I wasn’t buying anything, so I just strolled right past him and said really loud, “Hey Ken!! How are you man? Hey! Did you ever get rid of those anal warts?”

He replies “haven’t changed a bit” (he was talking about me)

I said, “awww that’s too bad! Say hi to your boyfriend for me! See ya!

The best walmart moment ever!!

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In The News: Wingin’ It


SALISBURY, Md. – A Salisbury woman is accused of trying to steal clothes while throwing food at an employee, in a local Wal-Mart. The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office says on Thursday, around 5:30 PM, they went to the Salisbury Wal-Mart on N. Salisbury Boulevard, after being called about a shoplifter.

Once on scene, the Deputy met with a store employee who said they saw 22-year-old Alicia Batson, trying to leave the store while wearing multiple layers of clothes, reportedly taken from sale racks. According to the report, when the employee confronted Batson, she tried to run, while throwing pieces of chicken and a bottle of soda at the employee.

Batson was arrested, charged with theft, 2nd degree assault, and disorderly conduct, and is being held at the Detention Center on $50,000 bond.

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