We just arrived at wally world after hitting a speed bump.I have this pimple on my butt area and it was delicate.also ready to puss!!!!!.I was meeting my parents there and I came from my aunts.So, I had extra clothes except for shorts.As I walk out the door there was red stuff on the seat where I was sitting.I was so scared I thought I was dying.I brought my clothes into wal mart and the old latin lady was yelling at me.She was like all in my chizz yo. She be like whatz in your bag dude? and I was jumping while she was checking my bag.I needed to get changed.I tokk the bag when she almost touched my draws and ran to the wrong bathroom.Had to switch luckily noone was in there.I went to da stall an was holding toilet paper to my butt 4 about an hour or dressed with only a shirt and underwears on.My whole family was sitting there on the bench with a nnew pear of dark red shorts they made me walk over to the bench and put them on.I lost my Ipod in the bathroom.

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Submitted By A Walcreature

The Other Day, I Went To Wally World To Grab Some Shit. Out Of The Corner Of My Eye, I Noticed 2 Omish Folks Browsing For Stuff. Funny. But As I Went To The Checkout Lane, They Were Checking Out As Well So I Joined The Line They Were In. Sure Enough, They Bought Writable CD’s, Lemonade And Cheese Its.

I’m Pretty Sure That Omish People Are Supposed To Make Shit On There Own. So They Are Breaking There Own Customs =D lol

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