Every Day Is Halloween

When I was checking out one afternoon, I saw a group of adults dressed like animal hookers. Thigh high boots on one with hot pink hot pants and kitten ears, her whole body covered in glitter, and then some guy with six inch pink and black spiked hair with a collar and some kind of furry tail and then a couple of other crazily dressed morons. I said to my sister, “Check it out…it’s like Halloween!” Without missing a beat, the cashier said, “Every day is Halloween when you work at Walmart!”

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Time For A Swim

Now I am not one to bad mouth people on assistance, my oldest son was seriously ill when he was a baby and I was on it for four months until he was healthy enough to be left with a sitter. Some times though I meet people who really need a reality check and to set their priorities straight.

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school here in Toronto so I was hitting up Walmart for some of their fabulous deals. In our local one, the back to school section is right beside seasonal so you can’t help but notice their newly discounted summer items. I was standing beside two ladies who were complaining about their meager welfare cheques (sorry checks in the U.S. right?) and how after they were done back to school shopping, there was no way they could afford groceries and would have to hit up the food bank. Next thing I know, an associate is walking up to them with a cart asking them which pools they wanted, yep not one but both were taking advantage of the pool sale, reg $379 on sale for $279.

One of the ladies looked over her shoulder and noticed that I was looking at them and laughed, “Can’t say no to a deal like that?” To which I replied back, “Yep, who needs food when you have a pool right?” Both were speechless and a guy up the aisle started laughing and yelled back “You have balls. Big shiny gold ones, not even I could dig mine out to say something to them!”

Now normally I would have been like him and bit my tongue, but in my humble opinion, if you’re bitching about not being able to afford groceries and having to hit the food bank up you should NOT be spending that kind of money on a pool. It’s called priorities people, feeding your kids comes long before a swimming pool especially in a city that offers FREE swimming for everyone at their pools!

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Sounds Like A Good Night

I was monitoring the self checkout stands the other day at Walmart. This young man came up the the register and began scanning his items. He only had three. As I looked down at the monitor, the items go as follows: swimming goggles, KY jelly, and rubber gloves. I began to giggle trying to think of what he planned on doing with all of this. I guess I was laughing a little too loud because the young man heard me and began to turn several shades of red. As he left, he looked at me and said, “Want to join me?”

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Keep The Change

Back in ’96 I was cashiering at the local Walmart when a couple made their way to the front of my line. I proceded to check their groceries, and gave the couple the total. The husband pulled out his wallet and counted out the exact dollar amount of his bill and handed over what turned out to be a sweat soaked wad of cash. As I was counting the money, the husband turned to his wife, evidentally asking for the change portion of their total. She then reached her hand through the neck of her shirt, into her bra and pulled out a small handful of change. Since we weren’t reprimanded for any register discrepancies of less than $5, I hit the cash button, handed over the receipt, and began checking the next customer.

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