Why Are You Proud Of That?

My friends and I have argued about who loves Walmart more, who goes there more and so on. Well I have the Ultimate Fan of Walmart Story!

I was shopping one night at about 3 am. As I’m in the checkout line, the woman ringing me up starts in on all the drama going on that day in the back break room, who was fighting with who, what was being said, the whole nine yards. She’s telling me all this as if I knew the people she was talking about. The woman then switched to telling me how she felt about a few other employees when she looked up, as if to maybe see if I was agreeing with her, when she noticed my confused look. She immediately stopped with a look of fear and asked and I quote “YOU DO WORK HERE DONT YOU?????” I said no. She quickly followed in a frantic voice, “BUT I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME!?!?!?!?!?” “I THOUGHT YOU WORKED HERE!” This is where I busted out laughing…but she was now scared because she had just given me the low down on everyone and everything that had happened for the day. I assured her that it was ok and I wouldn’t say anything but she had definitly made my day!

Yes, you are the “ULTIMATE WALMART FAN” when you get mistaken for an employee!

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Status Update


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Can I Try This On?

This was several years ago, when I went to Walmart with my mom. We were browsing through the clothes and I actually found a few things I wanted to try on. When I walked over to the fitting rooms in front of me there is another customer asking to use the ladies fitting room holding several bras. Now this person is rather obese, hair cut very short, and even has the lovely female mustache that we see all too often at Walmart. She asks to use the fitting room, the Walmart associate looks at her in shock and says: “Not in the ladies room your not, you have to go to the mens fitting room over there.” Well lets just say some tears were shed and a unhappy relative comes over and politely informs the clerk of her mistake. I was in complete shock and felt so bad for the woman!

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Ideal Parenting

I had to run to the restroom in Walmart the other day and just as I sat down I heard something hit the floor in the stall next to me. Figuring someone had dropped their keys or purse on the floor, I ignored it. I heard it again and looked down to see a baby! Just sitting on the floor giggling and hitting the floor with her hands and then putting them in her mouth! Later I saw who I think must have been the same woman (they had on the same knockoff UGGS) walking around with the baby in the buggy and talking on her phone, when the baby started to cry she screamed very loudly, “SHUT UP!! THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!”

I was so disgusted with this woman I walked out.

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