Trump Thumper

Seriously, sometimes I think China & Russia have the right idea. If you just have a dictator then you don’t have to hear all the political bullshit every year. Think about what all you’d give up to not have to see political ads and political news. Just saying, it makes ya think a little.


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F*cking Nuts

That’s quite the expansive vocabulary you’ve got there. So much so, that it almost completely distracted me from you giant set of truck nuts. Although, shame on me for not knowing they were definitely there before even looking down.


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The Garlic King

Guys, it’s the Garlic King. The king of the entire garlic realm! Sure he has to stay in that bubble and will likely never have an heir to his garlic throne due to his breath, but for now he reigns supreme!


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There is a lot to be said for self recognition.


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