Crazy Being Crazy

As Chris Rock famously said “crazies be shopping”.


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The Racist Rant

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen this video of a crazy racist woman being a slob to two separate minorities in one video. Nobody reached out to us for a statement, but we’d like to go on record by saying that we also don’t condone this type of rude behavior and we don’t want people to assume she speaks for everyone in jean-shorts. Although she might.


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Horsing Around

You can’t just take a horse on a stroll through a store! This isn’t Westworld where you can do whatever you want wild west style, this is Walmart where…well actually…it is Walmart, so apparently you can do whatever you want.


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Sweep The Leg Johnny

So just in case you guys ever need video evidence of why we here at PoWM have great job security, here are some Walcreatures at their finest –  We’ve got (1) Two white trash women fighting over aisle space in Walmart (2) One in a motorized scooter that seems to get up and rowdy rather quickly. (3) Mother of the year instructing her 6 year old to “Punch her in the f*cking face” & (4) People standing around filming it for our pleasure. Basically the only thing that actually surprised me in this entire video is their clothes pretty much fit them.


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