Walmart Fashion


The Dark Knight


Na na na na na na na na na. Now you know why you always thought Robin was “playing for the other team”.


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80 Comments Virginia  //  Walmart Fashion

Quilted Northern


Hey Patch Adams, I like your 1930’s clown suit. It makes me laugh and giggle, so I guess it still works.


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3 Comments Walmart Fashion

Mow ‘Em Down


Nice! I assume you buy your shampoo in the lawn and garden section.


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3 Comments Georgia  //  Walmart Fashion

Squirt Guns


Hahaha! Look at the skinny, small, elderly guy with the “Born to Kill” shirt. Hahaha! Yeah, you go ahead and test him tough guy, ’cause I’ve never seen a person killed by a 2 liter of Squirt before and I’ve decided that’s something that I want to see.


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