Walmart Fashion


Bride Of Chucky


I think I’m more creeped out by the random bright rainbow belt more than anything else. Okay maybe it’s the huge boots, and the Kelly Osborne haircut, and the doll, and the lack of pupils, and the ghostly white complexion, and pretty much everything besides the rainbow belt.


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Not By The Hair Of My Chiny, Chin, Chin


I’ve just decided to start a new website called¬†because I can literally stare at those all day.


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Pwnin’ Noobs


Parents, do you ever wonder who is talking to your kids on the other end of that headset while they play their video games? Well, the answer is LeatherRodeoCowboy187 here.


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Peace Of Ace


Hi, yes I was wondering if you could help me find super tacky clothing and hooker spit. Oh nevermind, I found it in a portable model.


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