Who Wears It Better?


WWIB: Hip To Be A Hipster

Oh it’s time for another fantastic game of “Who Wears It Better?”! So my fine friends, which person deserves all the attention they are seeking the most? Nightgown clown or the girl that lost her belt?

North Dakota

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WWIB: Where’s Tommy?

I think it’s time we play Who Wears It Better: Packed Cart Edition. So are you a sucker for a cute kid (he is in there if you look hard enough) or do you prefer the legs up La-Z-Boy method?

Colorado & Florida

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WWIB: Stylin’

Today’s question of the day: how do you like your mullet? Do you like it as an accessory to an already greased up head or do you prefer the top to be shaved so that the mullet can shine in all of it’s white trash glory? You make the call in the comments.

California & Louisiana

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WWIB: Spin The Wheel

It’s once again time for “Who Wears It Better: Casino Roulette Edition“! So who ya gonna double down on, red or black?

Arizona & Arkansas

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103 Comments Arizona  //  Arkansas  //  Featured Creature  //  Funny  //  Walmart Fashion  //  Who Wears It Better?

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