Who Wears It Better?


Who Wears It Best?


Oh snap! Belly-T’s and rat tails! Let’s hear it folks, who wears it better? I gotta be honest with ya, the big boss man in camo looks like he would put a serious hurtin on you, so I’m thinking it’s never wise to go against him.

Ohio & Wisconsin

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Reppin’ The Rainbow


Oh God! Oh my God man! Oh geez! Oh man a double rainbow!!! How’s does that even…oh my God! Oh geez man! Okay, that video and joke is now officially old and played out, and I apologize. Let’s stick with what we know: Who wears it better, Santa’s odd cousin or Mrs. Hippie Skittle?

New York & Texas

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Flame On


Oh snap! It’s time once again for “Who Wears it Better?” Fringe or Flame? This is a battle of the sexes edition….I think.

North Dakota

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Clash Vs. Class


For this installment of ‘Who Wears It Better’, we see how pink is done on the east coast. I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of going the extra mile to accessorize with the striped socks, bag, and glitter hat. But at the same time how does one go against church pink and that fancy thing on her head. Uuggh, it’s another tough one. So who wears it better?

Pennsylvania & Virginia

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