Willy The Pimp


Blue Meanie Pimpin’


What would a PoWM book release be without the Hall of Famer Willy the Pimp stopping by to say ‘What up’? We’ll see you next on the New York Times Best Seller list pimp daddy!


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Willy’s Whip


Usually we put sweet rides on YouDriveWhat.com, but there is always an exception when we receive something touched by the legend himself: Willy The Pimp! You know he is pimpin’ all over America while them wheels is spinnin’ son, they spinnin’!!!!!


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United States Of Willy


OHHHH SNAP!!!!! The legend is back!!! Big Willy pimpin’ it American style, ready to tattoo that backhand across Osama Bin Laden himself! Keep doing your thang Willy!


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Identity Crisis


I can’t tell if he is on his way to Sherwood Forest, going golfing, planning on drinking at an Irish pub, or greeting guests at Medieval Times.


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