Cave Paintings

I worked at Wal-Mart in 1995 for a couple months just to have a summer job. I worked in Sporting goods in Northern Arizona. Lakeside to be exact.
In that short amount of time, believe me, I saw horrible things, daily in fact women changing babys in the changing rooms, splatting the sit-filled diapers anywhere but in the trash cans. Sit in those changing rooms at your own peril people, not to mention touching anything!

The restrooms at back are just behind Sporting Goods and Lay Away so my register was just feet away and it was near closing time, so there were few shoppers around. I was sick that day so using the toilet often and I had been in the stall only minutes before.
I went in and a guy walked out, maybe early 30s, normal looking dude, but when I went into the stall, there was human shit covering every part of the walls, toilet, and even writing on the floor in shit. He had literally taken a turd and used it as a pencil. I am not kidding.
I literally ran to the sink retching and of course, the sink had shit in it too apparently where the guy washed (thank the gods) his hands after doing tome turd grafitti. I know it was him as I said, had few customers and I had been in there so often just before him.
There was so much shit there it was insane. I called the store manager back immediately and when he came he laughed like it was so fucking funny. He told me since it was closing time to get a mop and some rags and clean the restroom. I told him that the night cleaning crew was coming in minutes and sporting goods job did not include wiping up shit stains on the walls. He said we could not close the bathroom or wait and he told me to do it or find a new job, I told him to go fuck himself, clean it up himself and I walked out. Have not been in a Wal-Mart since seeing those horrible things (other than a few traveling times when no other option was known to me). I will gladly pay more to buy in clean stores that prove they care about people and workers alike. Wal-Mart is the worst job I ever had in a long line of crappy jobs.

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