Cool Summer Breeze


Ahhh yes, nothing like the cool feeling of a sweet summer breeze blowing magically through your side rolls.


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  1. DRAKE MALLARD says:

    I don’t think that being a pregnant unmarried teenager has any affect on the quality of her reading.

  2. Popanator says:

    She is going to lake Michigan. So they went to the store to get a good lunch and then they will go to lake Michigan.

  3. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    Wonder where her seeing eye dog is as she’s got to be blind to dress that shitty.

  4. zendaddy621 says:

    I just hope she’s buying some cream for those stretch marks…

  5. russ says:

    In the words of Hank

  6. off the reservation says:

    It appears that hospital gowns are the latest fashion trend for escapees from the fat farm.

  7. Sejanus says:

    As a big fella, I am attracted to women with curves and such…


    cover that crap up.
    You could have a pretty face and be a wonderful girl, but who would notice?
    I am a big fan of appropriate dress.
    This is not.

  8. CanuckLulu says:

    Grotesque stretch marks. Everyone wants to see that. PIG!

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