Dealing With Haters: Delilah

First email:
I am not sure you are aware but then again I doubt very much that you care that one of the hardworking people you are making fun of is a Baptist minister shopping with his family. It take a very low class person or persons to make fun of people that work for a living. I am willing to bet that the people that took and put these pictures up are living on welfare. I guess these pictures are just your way of hating those that work for a living. I do want you to remember one thing,Karma is a bitch!

Our reply:
Can you please tell me which photo you are referring to so that it may be removed? Thanks.

Response to our reply:
Does it really matter? I work with special needs kids you people wouldnt think twice about making fun of one of them if they were dressed differently or if they were having a seizure you guys would probably laugh yourselves sick. Do me a favor and dont email me again. Just the thought of someone like you even knowing my email addy makes me sick.

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