Drinking & Driving

A couple of years back I was walking through a local Wal-Mart in South Florida with some friends. This was a Super Wal-Mart so they had clothes, food, electronics, all that jazz.

As we are walking down the hallways we can’t help but notice something coming towards us. At this point we were walking through the dairy part of the store.

Before us we beheld a woman, probably in her late 40’s/early 50’s. I would say no greater than 5’3″ and probably close to 400 pounds. She was in one of the electric scooters and was pushing herself through the same aisle.

Now, a fat person at Wal-Mart is nothing new, but what this woman was doing while she rode along was. She held a liter of half and half and was drinking directly from it! We paused and observed for a moment and sure enough she did it again, and again; cruising around on her scooter drinking this milky substance. I bet she wonders how she got to be the way she was.

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