First Timers

I think this is like the equivalent of throwing a kegger in high school when you’re parents go out of town for the first time.


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  1. Chris says:

    Should read about the parties the younger Amish folk throw out on the farm. They just throw the party go’ers in the buggy and the horses know which way is home. That was happening quite a bit up here in Ohio.

  2. Carter Burger says:

    Some of them Amish chicks are kinda hot.

  3. Joe Schitt says:

    The wench in the black bonnet is trouble. She’s got hands on her hips pissed they’re playing video games instead of with her.

  4. Deke says:

    Something is “Amish” here! Wakka wakka, I’m here all week folks!

  5. No Duh says:

    Someone has never heard of mennonites…

  6. Corbon says:

    Observation: Six guy, three rides, and only one is occupied.
    Conclusion: Six gay boys.

  7. Your2Dads says:

    And every single one of them can drive better than an old asian lady.

  8. Jezze says:

    I’m in rural MO and this looks like my Walmart

  9. Token says:

    it’s just a bunch out on Rumspringa

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