Flop ‘Em & Drop ‘Em

My family and I were finishing up our trip to Wally World and had circled through the medical supplies aisle. There was a middle-aged couple walking down the same aisle and they paused. The female, missing several teeth and sporting a wicked smokers rasp, pulled her arm out of her long-sleeved shirt and placed it into the blood pressure cuff. This maneuver clued the casual observer in to the fact that she was not wearing an undershirt or a bra. The result was an exposed pancake-shaped boob while the machine calculated what I had instantly diagnosed: high blood pressure.

The lady got up and asked my wife what she was looking for. My wife told her prenatal vitamins and the lady pointed them out for us. She told us she still takes them and she loves the taste of them with a laugh that ended in a wheezing hack.

I apologize for not being able to snap a picture.

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