Free Ride


That does not appear to actually be a fun ride, but I’ve been fooled before.

New Jersey

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Free Ride, 5.5 out of 10 based on 76 ratings

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  1. Big Snarf says:

    Gay As Fuck! Somebody put a damn bullet in this fag’s head!

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  2. no says:

    I’d advise you to call the suicide hotline, buddy.

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  3. Matthew J Di Serio says:

    Oh Christ I know him, we went to the same high school together and he got invited to my group of friend’s pool party and its like four in the morning and I was in the pool alone with some scotch and my girlfriend had just gone home, im in the shallow end and i hear bare feet padding on the concrete toward me, I began to say “I’m gonna watch the sunrise, I hope you’ve brought ice I have some good scotch” I thought it was my friend who’s house we were at, but no, I got to “ice” and a pair of feet then legs over my shoulders down over my chest interlock, and hold me in place, and i hear, “I’ve had my eye on you since middle school, and I’ve brought something better than ice- you know? I’ve been blowing some of your teammates and…” he never finished that sentence. I threw myself forward more into the pool. He ended up being dragged into the pool and his back scrapped against the concrete deck of the pool. His legs came undone as soon as he went under and came up with a lungful, nose and mouthful of water, I was so fucking disgusted that he didn’t just ask but groped on me i was shaking, and somehow still had highball glass of scotch in hand. so i waited for him to open his eyes, he meanwhile had his hands out in front of him in a stop-don’t-hit-me type gesture and was sputtering every other breath that he was sorry etc. blah. Well, what seemed like an hour of not hearing but vaguely hearing his feeble apologies and excuses he finally opened his eyes. By now your probably asking yourself why the hell didn’t I beat the shit out of him, well this is why: As soon as he opened his eyes I threw my scotch into the already chlorine burned orbits of my would be gay-ttacker. He screeched like a cat being skinned, which he partially was when in one of his flailing around moments I saw his back, it looked a lot like the part of the landing strip at an air port where the individual planes touch down and burn rubber, and leave black tread marks on the concrete, this looked exactly the same except in red blood under white skin. I got out of the pool ran up to the house and told my friends what happened, and we then went down to remove him from the property, but when he saw us coming he knew to leave. This all must have happened very fast because I still got to see my sunrise… And by the way, the guy who commented first. I believe from the way you said that, that he is a hell of a lot more commfortable with his sexuality than you are. You sound like a closet case tbh.

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