Get Your Swerve On

Everyone knows Wally World is the best place to do any shopping after midnight. There’s such a delightful mix of people and creatures resembling people out. I stopped in around 1AM to grab a few snacks, and as I’m walking up to the building a man in an SUV rolls down his window to call out to me. I just politely smile and continue on, not thinking twice about it. I do my shopping, and about half an hour later I’m proceeding back out to my car. Parked in front of me is the SUV and the man, apparently waiting for me. I walk up to my car, trying not to acknowledge him, but he rolls down the window, and asks if I have a few minutes. I stay put and ask what he wants. He asks if I’m into having a good time and asks if I want to sit in the car with him for a little bit. I say no, I don’t think my “boyfriend” would approve. He persists, “Come on, just sit with me in here, it’s cold outside. You look like you’re a freak, come on.”

WTF? No means no. As I got in my car and drove away, I wondered if this was a routine for him, or for anyone. If random stranger sex is up your alley, hitting up a Wal-Mart is highly recommended.

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