Hanging Out

About a year ago, I was just out and about and decided I’d stop at the local Walmart and get a few general items. I drive a truck, so just to make things easier, I park a ways out, beyond the majority of people who park as close as possible. I ended up next to a black Explorer, and it looked empty, so I went ahead and locked the door and went in the store. About twenty minutes later, I came back out to my truck and the Explorer was still there. I got in and was all ready to back up out of the space when the driver’s door on this Explorer opened. I waited about twenty seconds for the person to get out or close the door, so I could back out without worrying about hitting anyone. Well then I looked over, the driver was clearly male, as he was so generously completely unzipped and “ready” for me to see. Needless to say, I was shocked. I put the truck in drive and just drove straight out of the spot…fast!

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