Head Xing


Well that is super creepy and kinda sad. Although maybe it’s creepy, it could be wrestler Al Snow’s car. At least that would make it a tad more fun.


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  1. John Mortensen says:

    Somehow I don’t think the “Ped” in “PED XING” stands for “pedestrian”. At least not in this case . . . . . . . .

  2. Popanator says:

    They like toys I think. I like batman.

  3. admiralbrown says:

    Weird and yet not unweird.
    Not even a Corolla its a Tercel. I wonder if the Army would ask to have the bumper sticker removed or if the would just shoot it off with an RPG.

  4. Dewed says:

    Well … it is a TOP sign

  5. geanie says:

    Only at wally World.

  6. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    Seeing the “go army” sticker concerns me that this idiot might be defending my country.

  7. Sejanus says:

    So exactly why do people do this?
    Is it some movement I know nothing about?

    It does not seem to happen anywhere else but in the States.
    There has to be a name for it other than..”lookit at the fukking creepy car” syndrome.

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