Heard It Through The Grape Vine

I work at WalMart (hey, it’s a job). There’s the share of extremely nice customers, mixed with the few that we wish we had the balls to snap a photo for this site (on a daily basis).

I had a woman come and ask for help on a kiosk (in the photo center). She was in her late 40’s and me being nice obliged her. She rattled on and on about how helpful I was, how adorable I was, how sweet I was, and it made me a little bit uncomfortable. I tried several times to slowly just make it back to the counter, but she’d ask me a new question, peppered with “Sweetie” and “Baby”.

I noticed after that, that our market team had arrived and had started watching from the next isle over. So wanting to make a good impression, I stayed with the woman and helped her with everything.

She was showing me photos of her “Romantic” vacation, and suddenly asked “have you ever been hand fed grapes?” I replied “no”. She replied to that with “oh you should try it, it’s very romantic”

When she returned to pick up her photos, she had a bag of grapes in the cart, plucked one out and said “Take it” So I held out my hand and she said “No silly, I’m going to feed you the grape.”

I was VERY uncomfortable at this point, and noticed the market team and managers now in a better viewing position snickering and nodding their head ‘yes’.

So I ate the grape. From her hand. And she left.

Really nice woman, though.

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