Hottest Christmas Toy of 2020!

Hottest Toy For Christmas 2020

Hottest Toy For Christmas 2020!


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  1. Jack says:

    What? No Tiger King tattoo?

  2. lol says:

    Not so coincidentally, that would also work for Texas, Alabama, Cleveland, Western PA, South Carolina, Alabama, hell the entire south. And Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Oklahoma and definitely Montana.

    Put a parka on her and it would fit Alaska as well.

    All third world shitholes.

    • OSHA says:

      You’re a homosexual.

      • lol says:

        1. You do not know me

        2. You say that like it is a negative trait instead of people just being born that way.

        3. The fact that you think it is a negative trait shows that you are an inbred, fat, unintelligent, third-grade dropout, meth-addicted, worthless pile of trailer trash so are simply butthurt because I dared to point out the hilarious uselessness of your kind.

        4. Have fun banging your fat-as-shit ugly sister tonight.

        5. LAWL

  3. dlsafd says:

    It is official. People of walmart has become a parody of itself. How very sad for people of walmart to make up its own pictures and pretend they are real. No way Marlboro and Budweiser licensed its logos to make fun of rednecks with barbie. The next picture that will be posted on here will be walmart’s edition of the

    Big Mike Obama’s realistic dildo. It will come in 10 inches and be covered in boils and herpes.

  4. Patricia Rardin says:

    Well, I don’t think Cleveland is exactly in the south. I’m sure you could see this in Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as in Florida.

  5. Biden4Lyfe says:

    Biden 2020 4 sho …

  6. Boats-N-Ho’s says:

    Criminals with interracial babies always vote for Demmies. Fact.

  7. Scorched Earth says:

    With all that booze she’s hauling, all three of those children and the “bread in the oven” probably have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Mankind’s future is not looking good.

    Scorched Earth

    • lol says:

      Says the guy who fucks his sister in his trailer.

      Merry Christmas to my favorite degenerate lolcow.

      I hope it was a peaceful day and that you were able to get some roadkill and Bud.

      Season’s Greetings!

  8. evodevo says:

    LOL – I actually put together one of these as a joke at the office…this one looks a LOT like the one I made…

  9. Ashley Durden says:

    Next, the Florida man Ken doll, included with booze!

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