I Want It NOW!!!

We stopped by our local Wal-Mart one day to pick up some soda.  I don’t know how all the stores are set-up but at the few I’ve been to in southeastern WI, the soda is all the way in the back of the store.  As we were walking in there was a little boy with his mother looking at some Matchbox cars they had on display in the front of the store.  She let him pick one out but told him he couldn’t have it until they got to the car.  That clearly pissed him off and he started screaming.  Not just a little yell – no it was more like someone just cut off a limb screaming.  We could hear him clear as day as we moved to the back of the store.  Once we got to the soda aisle it sounded like he stopped.  Oh no, the fans from the freezers were just muffling the sound.  That little boy screamed for at least 5 minutes while his mom checked out.  People were getting worried and coming up to the front of the store to see if everything was okay.  Instead of leaving the store without the little car or giving it to the kid to shut him the f*ck up, she just ignored her kid.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a kid scream that loud in my life.  I felt like smacking the shit out of that lady.  If you’re kids can’t behave in public, don’t take them out in public!!!

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