In The Flesh

I remember several years back when I was working for a local Division 1 store. We had a customer who decided to enlighten us with the news of the second coming of Jesus.
The woman was maybe in her 40’s. She did not seem to be intoxicated, and actually acted like she was level-headed and thinking on her own… in the beginning.
She walked in the store and stood in front of the registers and proceeded to shout “Jesus Christ sent me here with a message. He will be returning to the Earth to take the saved to Heaven.” She even gave us a date when this event would happen.
All of us cashiers just returned to work, when about 15 minutes later the woman returned to the front of the store to repeat her message. In her short absence, the woman had stripped down to her birthday suit so that she could deliver the message just how the good Lord had sent her into this world.

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