It Gives You…


Way too much Red Bull buddy. Waaaaay too much.

North Carolina

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  1. Dewed says:


  2. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    I’d guess this guy is a rump ranger.

  3. DRAKE MALLARD says:

    beer belly

  4. Cybrsk8r says:

    Leather shorts, and what looks like a bra strap. I wish we could see the front. On second thought, no, I don’t.

  5. Popanator says:

    This guy in the Xmen is Angel and he has wings so maybe he likes Xmen a lot!

  6. John Mortensen says:

    Bruce Jenner, the early years?

  7. DOJORODA says:

    He really liketh white thauth.

  8. Ka'uilani Kim says:

    Looks like Daryl Dixon’s leather jacket wings.

  9. db says:

    Is that a bikini top I see?

  10. admiralbrown says:

    Mmmm, Ragu creamy sauce.

  11. zendaddy621 says:

    This pic couldn’t be any gayer even if he was literally farting rainbows and blowing another guy at the same time…

  12. LMiNehatO says:

    Prego gives you the urge to cross dress!
    That’s not as catchy as Redbull’s slogan.

  13. nfgtfb says:

    paging Jeffrey Stone!…time for a stunning insight about man panties…

  14. Jen says:

    In Greek mythology, his name is Walmartius.

  15. nosmiley says:

    Looks like he/she is buying Ragu alfredo . I may run into IT, since I live in the state. I’ll get back to you if I do.

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