It’s My Pet In A Box

I had been a CSM for about a year. We weren’t really busy that night so a bunch of us were standing at the service desk talking. A customer was returning a box of stuffing (the white fluff used to stuff pillows or teddy bears). She didn’t have her receipt so we used her ID and put the money on a gift card. No problems and she left. After a couple minutes, the box she returned started moving on its own and there were scratching noises coming from the inside. I’m thinking there is a mouse or a rat inside. We got a big clear trash bag and carefully emptied the contents of the box into this trash bag. We stare at the trash bag and notice something big moving. So, now I’m thinking…RAT! No, it was a white ferret. At some point before she brought this box to return it, her white pet ferret climbed into the box of white stuffing. Since we had used her ID, we called the local police station and gave them her drivers license number and they called her and she came and picked him up. But we had fun playing with him until she got there!

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