It’s That Poop Again!

I was feeding returnable plastic soda bottles into the return machine at the Walmart in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The machine was at the front of the store by the picture window. A man walks toward the store from the parking lot, carrying a toddler. He grabs a cart from near the front of the store and drives it in front of my window for a prime view for me of the following YUCK! He lays the kid down in the cart and starts changing a gross poopy diaper, whipping a new diaper from his jacket pocket. He had no wipes, and just used the cart bars to scrape poop from her butt. Slaps the new diaper on her, yanks up her pants, leaves the poopy cart and enters the store to continue his shopping trip in another cart. Without washing his hands and leaving the festering poopy cart outside the store. I felt so sorry for the employee that would be gathering carts! And so disgusted that we really have NO idea what happened to the cart before we use it. BAG your produce people!

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