About two years ago in Pittsburgh I was in the electronics section when I noticed a lady wanting to buy an iPod. At that time, the classic iPods that play video were fairly knew. After an employee came over she began asking questions about it. When I heard her say “We have a VCR player at home, how in the hell I’m going to put a vcr tape in this thing?” I had to stay and watch. The employee said you don’t put tapes in it, you download video from iTunes on your computer. She then stated “I don’t have a computer, I want an iPod not an iTunes.” She refused to believe that this thing didn’t play video tapes. About a minute or so after some more dialog, she walked a few feet away and grabbed a DVD and said “You show me how I’m supposed to play this video in the iPod. This tape (even though she had a DVD) is to big to fit this iPod.” The guy then tried to sell her a portable DVD player to which she refused and said “You guys need to do more research on your products. These video pods ain’t going to play all my tapes until you get the ones that are bigger.” I wonder if she has since bought one and tried to stuff a VHS tape in it?

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