Wow. You make WAY too much fun of black people.

I’m not even black and I can understand how messed it is to find the amount of melanin in a person’s dermis funny.

Not all black people buy EVERYTHING at Walmart. Not all black people are ghetto. Not all black people talk differently than you or I. Not all black people are stupid or strange. Some are, but it has nothing to do with them being black.

Every single black person you see in these degrading pictures isn’t really that way. They’re playing a part. Of course, you would automatically assume that a white person with sagging pants and grills or a flaunting a big ass is just acting a part. They’re just pretending to be from the hood or whatever you want to call it. Well, so is everyone else of every color, including the dark-skinned people. I mean, black people aren’t born with South Pole hoodies and a ‘ghetto’ accent and guns like you want them to pretend.


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